Thứ Tư, 2 tháng 5, 2018

03 May 2018

This is the opponent football team of me when I was at high school. There are a lot of good footballer in this team and they were considered the potential champion of the league, and in fact, they won the tournament. The only defeat of them came from the game with our team. They lost 0-2 to us with both goals scored from the free-kicks by me. One was the penalty and the other was the long-range shoot, probable 50 m from our field.
My son, ball and one of his friend, Tiger were playing together last night at my apartment. Usually, the other boy, Tin would join them and all three shares their toys or take a bicycle together.

My son and I were sitting on the new couch arrangement in our living room. This arrangement seems more suitable especially in case you are drinking together and don't want to sit back to the TV behind. .

Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 4, 2018

30 apr 2018 My class from university

My class from university: we graduated from a technical university in the capital city. Our major is chemical engineering - petrochemicals organic. There were 60 classmates and this picture was taken on a picnic trip by bicycle. Now, we are working at various companies all over the country, but mostly in three city. 

Thứ Sáu, 27 tháng 4, 2018

27 Apr 2018 coke

What do think when seeing the word "coke"? a typical liquid drink? a possible choice. But in my world, "coke" refers to a solid product of a technology process or simply "coke" is the product of the coking process.
How do you know about "coke" or "coking"? The coking is a chemical engineering process that is employed to convert the very heavy feedstock to gain a lighter output (including "coke" in the solid form). This process is basically used in a refinery or heavy oil/bitumen upgrading plant. There are a lot of equipment or devices such as temperature controller, pressure controller, liquid level indicator, gas leak sensor... in the whole process.
It is necessary to have a lot of information before going to the design step of this process. You need to know the feedstock, the yield of the process, demands of the market, the location of plant, the utilities for the plant...
You can see a typical diagram for the coking as the below picture:

Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 4, 2018

26 apr 2018 My neighbors

This is the group of our new friends who are living in the same residence building with our family. We have known each other for 5 months via a football tournament in which the males played in the same team. We share the same interest and other ideas, therefore, we have been very close. We eat at our home on a regular basis or go out together for some street food. We help each other if one family has something to do. There are five families in this group with four children (three boys and one girl). 
Our group

The table expresses the various troubles that the pupils in two schools have met during their study.
The pupils faces a lot of difficulties such as: reading, writing, how to spell, how they hear and understand what they hear, how to communicate verbally, focus during the lesson, how to obey their instructor. 
In general, the number of students of School A with trouble is larger than that of the School B. Among the troubles of the School A, there is a deep decrease in the area of hearing, talking, focus and obey from the year of 2005 to 2015. 
However, the number of troubles of the School B seems unchanged between two years, except in the area of obedient during the lesson. This indicator in 2015 increases 50% than that in 2005.

Thứ Hai, 23 tháng 4, 2018

24 Apr 2018 Motivation

What is the definition of motivation? How to motivate yourself and your work-mates/colleagues? It depends on your view of work and your opinion of life. You should build your own objectives to accomplish your achievement. You should dedicate your time on work and draw a clear line between your tasks and leisure activities.
The diagram shows the job-less rate between the women in various age from 18 to 65 in a location.
As can be seen from the diagram, the 45-age group occupies around 20% of the total number of women that are not currently employed by any company. It is probably caused by a lot of reason such as: marriage, babysitting, etc...The women at this age tend to stay at home and do the house-work, take care of their own family.
The group of 30-35 age has the lowest percentage of being jobless that covers approximately 5%. It seems that the group of 25-age, 30-age and 35-age include the woman who are able to work or search for a steady job. These three groups has the unemployment rate of only 5% or less.
Surprisingly, there is a small difference in the jobless rate of 18-age group and 65-age group, in which the latter is 5% smaller than the former. It can be explained that the people in the 18-age group have just finished high school and most of them often go to a college or a university immediately without any effort of earning money for a living. In contrast, the participants of the 65-group are still working for their expense or living cost in case they independently live from theirs children.
Positive side
1. Internationalization
2. Travel without airplane ticket
I total agree with the idea that the nations are becoming more and more similar due to the same products being consumed by the humankind all over the world.
Firstly, the human being is living in the internationalization era with the mixing of a various kinds of things, eg: culture, language, economics, sports, products of manufacturing industry or food industry. Nowadays, you can easily enjoy the famous Italia pizza at a corner in a small city in the Africa continent or even you are able to cook your favorite pizza at home with the available ingredients in the nearby supermarket.
Additionally, the positive feature of seeing the same things in many locations is that you do need to travel a lot, or to say you are travelling without buying the airplane ticket. You can try a Swiss watch at one of the commercial centers or buy a French bread in a well-known store in your city. This approach is saving your money and other things.
In summary, it is an excellent circumstance to consider the blending of different products in the same place at the same time. It brings us new experience and reduces our expense.