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Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 3, 2017

07 March 2017

This photo was taken at a tourist destination, 100 kilometers from our capital city. They were my class-mates from the university. We often organized a trip together every year to understand more each other. I remember this trip very well because we went there by bus, then we took the boat. 3 or 4 people rode together on a small boat which was manually operated. It was interesting and funny.

Thứ Năm, 2 tháng 3, 2017

02 March 2017

I was standing in front of Politecnico di Torino, the place where I had lots of memories and got my PhD title. Everything began on the night of 6th April when an email came up that said that I won a scholarship in Europe. It was a wonderful news and surprised. I did not think that I would have a chance to obtain that scholarship. I had to think a lot regarding to accept this or not. I had to stay away from my family for almost 4 years. Honestly,  I should have not accepted it although my stay in Turin gave me many new things. I have international friends: Italy, Colombia, Venezuela, Kazahtan, India, Pakistan, Chile, Spain, France, Lebanon, Egypt, China, Indonesia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico. They speak various languages: english, italian, spanish...but we have understood each other through the universal and global one: ENGLISH.

Thứ Ba, 28 tháng 2, 2017

28 Feb

I have to say the truth that I am not motivated enough to work here anymore. It is difficult for me to stay away from my family like this. I need to relocate my work soonest. But it is not as easy as everybody imagines. I am trying my best and looking for a new place. I modified a CV for one of my friends who is starting to search for a job. At this moment, he is the senior student and is graduating this July. I looked back at myself 9 years ago when I was doing my thesis during the final year of student life. It was a happy time. I and my classmates often gathered and talked about everything: football, future, girls....I still remember the first guy of our group who got married. He is my close friend and I spent 2 days at his wedding in a province in the center of Vietnam. Our son were born in almost the same day and those boys were very excited to converse whenever they have chance to talk via the phone.

Thứ Bảy, 18 tháng 2, 2017

some things to write

It has been a while that I write some things here. I almost forget this habit. I used to write a lot when I studied the IETLS examination. I am becoming crazy with writing although I am still reading English novel, watching TV series or reading the news on bbc, goal.com....
I am a lecturer at a university now and my main task is teaching. Let's talk about teaching. It is not easy to transfer your knowledge to other people. It takes you a great deal of time to prepare for each lecture. You should review your specialized references and google for the latest information. Additionally, you should be able to present effectively / convincingly. This point is very important. You have to talk in front of a group of people and you need to do many things simultaneously: speaking, eye-contact, body language....In my opinion, i am not born to become a lecturer. It is the truth. I know my capabilities. I am not an effective communicator or speaker. Speaking is always my weakness.

Chủ Nhật, 5 tháng 2, 2017

a tired day

I got up around 6.00 this morning and my head was shaking. I felt tired, really tired. I played a football game last night and then a couple of beer with my friends. I think I should reduce the amount of input alcohol for my health. I should not drink everyday unless it is an obligation.